Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

This has been a good and busy week.  We have been teaching lots of people. We had lots of people come to church this week because it was the Primary Program.  And we had these 2 men come that we are teaching.  One of them came on his own last week and this week brought his room mate.  They loved church and bore testimony in class about how they know The Book of Mormon is true.  So that was really cool.  We worked a lot this week!
 Well I truly believed Thanksgiving was last week so we celebrated a little early!  We ate with this family that lives below us and it was awesome!!!  She made an apple pie and a pumpkin pie that we really good!  I made the mashed potatoes and gravy!!!  We had a super good time!
 Here I am eating my "Thanksgiving" feast in Brazil! 
 So for a while now we have been going to this English school to help teach because a member of the church works there.  He always asks us to come help teach English.  This was one of the classes and they LOVE the Elders to come teach.  It's so much fun and they really like learning and some of them even have interest in hearing about the gospel!  
This was a dance they had.  It's called "the dance of called to serve"  because a missionary in the ward is getting ready to leave for his mission and this is his farewell party.  We went and snacked but of course didn't dance!

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

So this week was a crazy one, but ended well!  So on Wednesday one of the missionaries comes out and he has pretty bad athletes foot.  But he's been putting some cream on there so I wasn't too worried.  But on Wednesday he had a bunch of blisters that were popped and bleeding and it wasn't from walking, they were on the top of his feet.  So I was like, "Bro, we are going to the hospital cause that's bad!"  So we went across the city to this hospital and had to sit there in the waiting room the whole entire day!  However, they finally gave him some medicine and it looks like he is getting better, but he could hardly walk this week.  So we had to do a couple of divisions to help out, but even still it was a little rough.  We also had a family that we reactivated have a huge fight right in front of us while we were visiting them.  So that was stressful.  They have some serious issues that are way over my head.  
   On a good note we have this guy just show up at the church the other day wanting to be taught.  So went to his place to teach him and found out his roommate was gay.  But this guy isn't.  However we taught both of them and they understood and accepted really well, so we will see.  So that was my week, lots of ups and downs!
 Here I am last p-day teaching some members how to make pancakes.  They are both return missionaries and super cool to hang out with!
They turned out so good!!! We ended up making banana pancakes!

November 11, 2013

I am very happy today!  It's been a great week.  The other day this lady actually called us over to visit her.  When we were talking to her we found out that her daughter was baptized years ago and had gone inactive but was coming back.  The only thing is that her daughter lives in another town!  So we went back there the other day with a member that lives close by her and started talking to her with the member.  Anyway, her husband has recently died and she is really struggling with that.  So we were able to teach her about the plan of salvation and she really liked it and was happy to know where her husband was at.  She accepted the challenge to be baptized so we are really working with her!  It's neat to find someone who really needs the gospel in their life and be able to help them find those answers!  We had taken a youth with us to her house as well and she was so excited to be teaching her too!
   Well last pday ended up being crazy after I emailed with you!  We went to the ice cream store, and that was great of course!  Then we had to help with some marriage problems and then go help change a flat tire!  haha who knew, the missionaries do so much more that just knock on doors! :)
   Well, I will finally need some new white shirts!  Mine are pretty hammered!  The good thing is that I can buy them here for really cheap!  Everything else is lasting pretty good.  And I'm within 6 months of coming home so I'm going to try and make everything else last.
   Ok so I'm going now.  We're going to a members house to teach them how to make pancakes! Love you all!
And yes, I finally got a haircut!

November 4, 2013

     This week was pretty good.  We had a lot of people say they would come to church, but it rained, so most of them stayed home.  However this old guy that we baptized, he was there, and he shared one of the most sincere and humble testimonies I have seen to this day in my life.  Everyone was shocked I think and he said in the end, "I know I have found the right place and it's here that I will stay until I die".  Man the spirit was so strong.  We did lots of teaching too! Yesterday at church I taught the joint lesson for the Elders quorum and Relief Society.  So that was pretty fun!  Oh and I forgot, we had this guy show up to church last week that works for Walmart.  He was baptized 19 years ago and has been inactive for a long time because of work.  But he was having some family problems so he decided to come back and stop working so much on Sunday and now he is firm.  He was come 2 weeks in a row! And we are teaching his wife who is not a member.  Nor are they married, so hopefully we'll be having another wedding soon!  And the fun part is he actually speaks English pretty well so we've been talking!
     This week was transfers...I'm staying in Salvador!!!  A new elder arrived in our apartment that's hawaiian and from Alaska!  haha funny I know!  He is really cool and fun to have around!
   Elder Gaverett is coming this next week so I'm super excited to hear from another General Authority! The spirit is always so strong.  I think he is the area presidency of Brazil!
  Well that's about it for this week.  Sorry no pictures.  I'm headed to get a haircut and go to the ice cream place again with some members.  So I'll take pictures and send them next week.
Love you!