Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kyle's leaving the MTC!!!  Please start sending him letters to his new address.  I will continue to update that address any time it changes.  Also, we can send packages now!!!  Please notice that the address for packages is different from the letter address.  Also, please only ship with United States Postal Service.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25th chat with Kyle

Kyle:  Ok, so this week was really good.  Just the normal stuff around the CTM but we got to go Prostiliting!  Ya, I don't know how to spell that in English or Portuguese but it was awesome!!  And we gave away 7 Book of Mormons in about an hour and a half.  They were all pretty good.  We had our fair share of rejections.  One was really funny cause one lady lied to us and said she had to run and when we had turned around cause we were lost, we walked by the bus stop and the same lady was still sitting there.  She had curled up into a ball on the bench.  Ha ha it was really funny.  One guy, Carlos actually came up to us and started asking us questions so that was really cool!
Mom:  Oh my gosh, that's awesome!  So were you talking in only Portuguese to all of them?  Was it you and Elder Jensen?  Does he leave this week and you the week after?  Also, did you get your cookie yet today?
Kyle:  Yes, all in Portuguese!  That is probably the best Portuguese I have spoken yet!  And the best part was that for the most part we could get what people were saying.  That's the hard part is understanding people.  Yes it was me and Elder Jensen and yes he leaves next Tuesday and me the next week!  And I got a cookie shake today and it was really good.  Then I took a nap cause I am not feeling super great.  I think I got a bug that has been going around but don't worry I'm already feeling better.  Let everyone know that I didn't send any letters out this week because I'm not feeling well.  The doc here is pretty cool and we are good buddies!  
Mom:  Do you still have vitamins?
Kyle:  Yes and I am going to start back up taking them because they really do make a difference.  Also, could you find out my old roommate Kendric's address?  I think he's in the MTC.  Check with McKann or Davis and see if they have it.  
Mom:  Where is the doctor from?
Kyle:  He is from Rexburg, Idaho.  Him and his wife got called here on a mission and got here about 1 week after I did.  He was a medic in Vietnam and then we practiced for 30 years.  He can't really do a whole lot here cause he's not licensed.  But he takes good care of all the missionaries health needs.  
Tell Grandma I will send her a letter this next pday when I'm feeling better.  I feel bad because I have gotten a little behind but I will get caught up next week!
Mom:  Well time's up again!  Have a wonderful week and I hope you get feeling better.  I love you and miss you more than you can imagine!  Your the best!!!
Kyle:  I love you too and give everyone a big hug and kiss for me!

July 17th Chat with Kyle

Kyle: My week is going good.  I'm smoothing out in Portuguese and I sound a little bit better now when I talk.  I sang in SACRAMENT  MEETING!  And it was awesome!  I thought it actually sounded decent and people said it sounded good!!!
Mom:  Dang that's great!  I could NEVER do that! Were you super nervous?
Kyle:  Not really, we practiced a lot.  And luckily our branch only has about 30 missionaries!  I was pretty excited cause I figured I need to be musical as a missionary so I might as well just do it!
Mom:  Remember last week when you said you hadn't gotten mail for a few day?  Did you finally get some?
Kyle:  Yes, on Wednesday I got 5 letters it was so awesome!  Then the next night I got 6 letters!  It made my night.  I have gotten some great letters from people!  Make sure if you talk to people to tell them thanks for writing to me!  Also, I got all the pictures that you sent!  I love them.  It's so fun showing everyone all of my family and friends!
Mom:  Did you get your cookie today?
Kyle:  I did, I got a cookie with ice cream on top!  The ice cream here is kind of a rare thing, but it's really good.
Mom:  What else exciting happened this week?
Kyle:  Nothing really too exciting went on this week.  It rained like crazy and one of my Brazilian roommates left a sweater behind and I was cold so I started wearing it and it looks good!  I kinda wish I would have brought mine but it's ok cause I hear one thing from everyone from the north "muito quente" (very hot).  I want to share a quote with you...
"I am persuaded of one great truth, whenever the Lord has a great blessing for one of his children he puts the son or daughter in the way to make a great sacrifice."  Harold B Lee.  
When we are given the chance to sacrifice for the gospel, take that opportunity head on because the Lord will bless you and you will grow that much stronger in your faith and trust in God.
One cool thing is that I get to go prostiliting next week.  
Mom:  Well, I'm sure you time is almost up. Have a great week and remember every minute of every day how much we love you!  You are an amazing spirit!
Kyle:  Ah thanks Mom!  One more funny thing, liquid starch is retarded!  I bought the spray stuff today and it's much better!  Oh and tell Kali to write me back and ask her what Preston thought of his letter!  I love you all!!!  Com Abraco, Elder Krause

Friday, July 13, 2012

July 11, 2012 Chat with Kyle

Kyle:  I'm doing really good, Portuguese is kinda leveling off but always improving.  I'm doing tons of good study in the scriptures and mastering some doctrines.  Also, I have really begun to understand what to do when we are commanded to teach by the spirit.  Something crazy is that Elder Jensen and I are singing in sacrament meeting this Sunday...acapella and just me and him!!!  We are singing "I like to look for rainbows" in Portuguese!  Elder Jensen is teaching me how to sing cause it's kinda a joke in the mtc because for a couple weeks people that sang were just over the top and everyone would bust out laughing when they were singing after firesides.  But this is a smaller crowd and sacrament meeting so not that big, but I think I will be able to do alright.
Mom:  That's awesome!  Emily spoke in sacrament meeting this past Sunday about Obedience.  I think she sent a copy of her talk to you!
Kyle:  Whoa nice job Emily!  I look forward to reading it!  Can you tell McKann one of my good friends here is Elder Jacob and that Elder Spencer Chmutz arrived today!  Also I want to share a quote with everyone.

"We accept the test of hatred through which we have passed as God's test of our sincerity in seeking."
This was a quote of a protestant minister convert who Pres. N Eldon Tanner spoke about in General Conference in 1971.  I thought it was really cool so ya I thought I would share that with everyone.

Mom:  Have you still been getting lots of letters?
Kyle:  Yes, a friend from my FHE group wrote to me out of the blue so that was pretty cool!  I haven't gotten mail for a couple days because weekends and Monday was a holiday and Tuesday they were so backed up it didn't come.  Tell anyone that writes me that I will write them back.  I seriously love getting letters!  I get more letters than the sisters!
Mom:  Hey, I notice on your debit card that on every P-Day you go to a cookie shop.  Are they super good or something?
Kyle:  Ha ha! It's this place right across the street from the MTC that I usually write my letters at so while I'm there I buy a cookie and sit and write!   I can also mail letters there, they kinda help the Elders a lot.  It's pretty sweet and it's kinda the Elder hang out place!  They have some really good food there too.  I seriously love rice and beans now! So good!
Mom:  That sounds like my kind of place.  I can't think of a happier place to write letters than in a bakery while eating a fresh baked cookie!
Kyle:  Thanks for keeping my debit card stocked! :)  I really shouldn't need much else except some more starch!  I like to look neat now!
I really love you guys like crazy!!!  Sorry I was such a pill in high school sometimes, but I am really grateful you guys stuck it out with me cause I love being here and it's really amazing.  And the reason I have so much enthusiasm for the work is because the happiness you guys gave me! Probably have people write me here at the MTC for 2 more weeks and then start sending my letters to the mission home.  If they keep writing me after that it will take a while for the MTC to forward them on.  I love you all!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July chat with Kyle

Mom & Dad:  Hey buddy, how are you doing this week?  Do you get to listen to your IPOD?  Are you glad that we got you that laundry bag that you didn't think you were going to use? :)
Kyle: I'm doing great!!!  This week was a long one but really good and I talked a lot of Portuguese and did lots of learning!  Yes, I get to listen to my IPOD with the speakers and yes I am VERY glad you made me get a laundry bag!
Mom:  Does that stuff that we write to you in Portuguese from google translator, translate pretty accurately?  Have you still been getting lots of letters?
Kyle: It translates OK but not great.  Good enought that I can understand it but it's not correct.  I got a letter from Aunt Jen and Bro. Overson yesterday.  Did Kali and McKann get my letters?
Mom:  I don't know but I will ask them.  
Kyle:  I have started reading a lot of conference talks from before my time because I have an hour on the computer each day that we can study language or talks.  So I have been studying talks and I read a really good one by Pres. Hinkley in April 1993 (That's Kyle's birthday).  It was titled " Lessons I learned as a Boy."  Since reading that I have started ironing my clothes every night! LOL  I bought some do I use it?  I'm feeling great because they decorated the cafeteria all red, white and blue and we have hamburgers and ice cream for lunch.  Then we got to sing the National Anthem as a whole MCT so that was really cool.  I can pump out some serious push ups now, and I had a couple of new missionaries ask me if I was fluent in Portuguese!  Which I am not but I am getting a lot better!  We also had a workshop where we got to speak English and it was awesome cause I was able to teach a good lesson and ya it was just cool! 
Some new missionaries have trouble saying prayers and sometimes just start throwing out words.  One sister said "abencoa" which means bless us, then pause then "matar" which is the verb for "to kill"!  Me and Elder Jensen were dying it was so funny!  But it's ok, we have had our goof ups while teaching too but luckily we are in the ctm! (CTM is MTC in portuguese)
Mom:  Do you think your getting an accent yet?
Kyle:  I might be but I don't know.  One thing for sure is that Brasillian accented English is the coolest and funniest accent I have ever heard.  We have a choir and one verse will be in English and one in Portuguese and when they sing in English we all start dying laughing.  You should look up the Brasillian National Anthem because we sing it every Sunday night and it's really cool.  

Mom: Well, dad is sitting here dying to talk to you and I don't want to pass the keyboard over, but I will.  I love you tons and I will be sitting here next to him reading his too!
Kyle: Hey pops!
Dad:  Hey buddy!  We went swimming in the rain this morning.  I love getting letters from you!  Keep hard charging, it sounds like you are doing good.  
Kyle:  I will for sure dad!  Sounds like you guys are having fun!  I really do miss swimming and in the rain that sounds awesome!  I am speaking more and more Portuguese each day.  I think by the time I leave here in 5 weeks I will be ready to do some serious work!  Can you have mom send me some addresses and pictures?  Type fast dad because my time is running out!
Dad:  She sent you some addresses yesterday.  We developed the pictures you wanted and will start sending them a few at at time starting today!
Kyle:  Good cause I really need some pictures.  People are always asking about my family so it will be cool to have more pictures.
Dad:  Ok, I love you buddy.  Mom is getting on again!
Kyle:  Oh ok, I love you too dad!!!  Oh I used your conversion story in a lesson this past week and it was awesome!  
Mom:    Well, I know your tie is almost up, but I just wanted to remind you how much we love you and how proud of you that we are.  I think about you so much and what you are doing.  I have started really reading the Doctrine and Cov.  I love it!  Have a great week!  
Kyle:  There's some great stuff in there.  I wish I could read more of that but I mostly focus on the Book of Mormon.  I love you guys so much and thanks for everything!!!!!  Thanks for always guiding me in the right way.  Oh and I have a couple is Gracie doing?  Tell me about stuff going on there and tell everyone to keep the letters coming, they are awesome!  And make sure to read D&C's the last chapter and has some really cool stuff about missionary work.  Tell everyone that I love them and Happy 4th of July!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sorry I'm behind in the updating...trying to get caught up!  So I was able to "talk" to Kyle again this past Wednesday so I'll share some of the stuff from that conversation...

Mom:  Hey buddy, how are you doing this week?
Kyle:  I am doing great!  I made it one whole day of almost only Portuguese.  I am feeling so good.  I go running everyday and can do 40 pushups without breaking a sweat!  Spiritually I'm on fire!  The sisters are getting better.  My patience is improving as well as my portuguese!  One sad thing is that Elder Garn went home this week.  He just didn't have a testimony nor believe in this work and didn't want to be here so he went home.  Pretty much the day he got here he said he wanted to go home but the mission president told him to give it one week and he still wanted to go home.
Mom:  Kali was wondering if you got her letter?
Kyle:  Yes!  Tell her she should be getting one from me soon and also tell McKann that one is on the way to her.  I can't send them priority because it's too expensive, so it's takes a while to get them back to the US.
Mom:  We have had all of the family here for a week.  We play, eat and swim all day and all night!!!
Kyle:  Sounds like you guys are having a party!  Tell Kasey and Lindsay that I got their letters too and will write them back.  Also, I got all the letters from the little cousins.  Give all of those guys a big hug for me!
Mom: What else are you doing for P day today?
Kyle:  I went and bought shoe polish, some snacks, stamps and wrote lots of letters.  I also went to the temple again which is really cool.
Mom:  With Elder Garn gone and it's just you and Elder Jensen, how are you two getting along?
Kyle:  We get along great and we speak tons of portuguese together.  I love this elder and we have lots of fun together.  He sings a lot.  We sit by the windows to do our studying because of the effects of eating so many beans!  We are not going to the same mission though.  He is going to Maceo, the mission right above mine.
Kyle: Well my time is up and I have to get going.   I love you all and keep the letters coming, they are awesome!!!
Com Abraco
Elder Krause
Hello Everyone,
     So we are placed into districts, it's kinda like a class, but there are only 3 Elders and 7 sisters.  My patience is tried on a daily basis.  Although the sisters are older, they are not always more mature.  They can be pretty fun though, at least 1 of them.  One of the 3 is very ditsy, but somehow can correct me or critique me everyday!  I am having one that is 25 write to Preston.  It's kinda funny!
     Well, I get up everyday at 6:30am and shower and shave, then study for an hour.  Then we have 30 minutes for breakfast and then have class until lunch.  Then another 4 hours of class.  Some days we have gym for an hour.  After dinner we teach a practice lesson to our teacher in Portuguese.  I'm picking it up pretty fast.  I really love speaking it.  Then we get a snack and get ready for bed and when  10:30pm rolls around I'm exhausted!  The days feel so long here it's crazy.  The good is great.  I really enjoy all of it especially the Guarana.  I have been taking my pills and they work good, so far only one bout of BU.  Elder Garn swallows his gum to combat it and says it works, I'm not sure though.
     I am really focused on learning but you guys are always in my thoughts and prayers.  I love you all.
                                                                       Elder Krause