Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 30, 2012

Pres. Hart called a few days ago and said I would stay this next transfer with Elder. Bassi, but we would both leave after this one so I have to keep exceptionally neat records. It will be a challenge, but I’m excited. 
It’s quite nice to talk with Pres. Hart, usually we speak english and its always refreshing. Him and Sis. Hart are really examples of Christ like, happy people. 
He did not say where I was going, but yes the first week of December, and ya its kinda sad. I know the people really well here! This past sunday we had tons of Inactive people at church that I have been working with, I was really happy to see some of the people back. I had kinda lost hope on one girl, she had a rough past and some of the people looked down on her, so she said to me a while ago that she wouldn’t go back, we stuck with her, but hadn’t gone to visit her for a while and she was there this Sunday!!! And went to the fireside that night too!!!! Ah I was soooo happy!!  
Well Kelly is doing good, and the family of Camila too. I am learning to really hate coffee! Camilas mom is having a really hard time giving it up!!! 
Well here we are working like crazy and have some more good people to teach. Last night I had a lesson that was truly guided by the Spirit, I honestly never taught  a first lesson the way i taught the one last night, but it was bold and it was with the Spirit. I truly know now that I was not called to be quiet and timid, but called to be bold in proclaiming the truth!!!  
     Our Savior said to us, "greater love hath no man then he  that layeth down his life for his friends" he that is found with charity in the last day shall be saved. Learn to love people, be nice to people and your friends and show your love for them by giving them the greatest gift given to all mankind, the message  of the restoration. It is a light to all in darkness, and we are all in darkness in this world. This young woman Camila was a special spirit that received and now has the great blessing of knowing about the Church of Jesus Christ, share this with your friends. That they are loved, and Our Heavenly Father has shown his love for us by restoring his Church on the Earth today. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 24, 1012

I want to share with you the power of fasting, I have been fasting a lot lately, usually its from one lunch to the next. and we have been having more success lately than in a long time, the members are excited, people are giving us references for their friends, its marvelous!! If we want a stronger relationship with are Father in Heaven, we have to do a little more, we have to really show our love and loyalty, quoting shakespeare President Monson said, "they do not love that do not show their love, so show your love for ´´the least of these, and verilty I say unto you that ye have done it unto me´´ said the Lord. 

Pres. Costa Pres. of the Presidency of the Seventy and also the area president of the SW of the States as well. General Authorities are a physical extension of the 12. It was incredible, they are special witness of Jesus Christ, and it shows. I got to shake his hand and everything. If there is anyone that can teach by the Spirit it is Pres. Costa!!! It was a great privledge to hear him speak to us. 

Remember my nearest temple is 16 hours by bus away, so take advantage of it! There is always work to do, every member has at least one calling, a missionary, so teach with the missionarys, be the people that say ya we can help teach that family with you, I will have just gotten home  from work but I can be there. For this past baptism, a member of the Bishopric was called last minute, in reality we organized the whole thing the day off, Camila said she wanted to get baptized, so we got it all ready, and when we called him, he had other stuff to do, but he said he would be there. We also had two other missionaries with us that day because we were doing that division, and he volunteered to feed them, that same day.
 Be these kind of people, no one asks but they just do. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

September 29, 2012 Letter to Mason

Mas said I could share some parts of Kyle's letter to him...

     Dude, I play soccer every week on P-Day with the young men here.  And they are good!  It's ridiculous!  We play barefoot too so it's a little different.  There is a mango tree on church grounds so during breaks we eat mangos which are sooo good here!
     I work out a little each morning but with a good 8-9 hours of working and walking all around the city I get pretty tired!
     Mom sent me a picture of you, Maddie, Emily and Nefi at Emily's birthday party.  Now I know why you are tying yourself down! :)  Ha, J/K I'm sure she's awesome if your sticking with her.  Tell her to write me a letter!  It's totally normal, other missionaries get letters from their brothers girlfriends all the time! :)
     Girls here are pretty I won't lie.  But it doesn't really phase me anymore.  Some of them we call snakes!  They are girls that only talk to the missionaries to flirt with them.  One time we were teaching this girl that was like 27 years old.  We could tell she wasn't too interested so we were going to close with a prayer and during the prayer she reached over and touched my head!  Pretty weird!  We haven't gone back after that!
     The work here is going good.  We are super busy.  We teach lots of people and usually I get home exhausted physically and mentally.  People are so close all the time.  We have to remind them that our goal is to help them be a happy family forever.  With a mom and a dad that love each other and kids that are happy.
   That's life in the field!
Com Abraco,
Elder Krause

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012 "Chat"

Mom:  How is the teaching going?
Kyle:  We are close with a couple family's we just have to finish with them! The teaching is going good, also a lady is going to get married who has been going to church for  a year, waiting for her husband to say yes, so she will get baptized soon. I'm super glad too that its finally done. We are doing good!
A Prophet said one time, I'm not sure the exact words and I dont have my note book with me, "when you have the truth there is no need to fear." Thats the challenege here, getting people to really listen, then act, people will let us in and feed us, talk with us, thats easy, but the hardest part is to get them to listen to the feelings that come to them!!! I can see in their eyes, it makes sense, they know it! But people let the roar of the world drown us out, it is my job, to quiet this noise and say listen to the Holy Ghost, it is the job of every member.

One funny thing...A few weeks ago I ate the cartilage of a cows knee.  It was nasty but luckily the Sister understood and only gave me a little bite, but I tried it!  
Mom:  Did you get to watch conference?  Did you hear about the missionary age change?
Kyle:  I did but it was very hard to understand because it was translated into really proper Portuguese that we don't speak out here.  But I am listening to it in English right now and I am blown away! I cant believe it! I just told Davis, I think it was very inspired that this happened when it did, because I really liked my year at college!! But also I think this will be a great oppurtunity for everyone, we do indeed need the extra missionaries now. Also tell Emily she is going on a missionary now, this was soooo cool I started freaking about the sisters, this is huge!!!
Hey also you should read "And upon the Handmaids of the Lord will I pour out my Spirit" by Julie Beck.  I read it this week and I think you will really enjoy it. watch this mormon message, this is my favorite conference talk of all time, and I knew about it for a while now and it has been a great source of strenght for me. I am teaching Kelly about how to be a mother, and I think about you while I help her with her son, I just want to say thanks mom, for not giving up on me ever, even when I asked for it, you are the best and I love you very very much. 

***He didn't have much time so that's it for today!