Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ok so i have 30 minutes to email so forgive me if there are errors just work throuhg them because \i have a lot to say!!!!!!!!!!
first off i had a great week!!! i love it here, and yes i loved all of you thoughts in my stuff i read them all and kept them as \i weilll keep all the letters sent to me. this is truly a great place. there are spanish speakers here, protuguese and english! never before have a spoke so much spanish! My portugues is progressing very quickly the spanish helped alot! also i have two roommates other than my two american companions, one is from africa and the other is from salvador!!! so we speak some good portu-ingles every night. the people here are so nice they love to talk! especially to people who are just learning portugues. they talk about soccer alot and tell me all about how brasil is the best,and argentina is the worst! people really do love it here which is awesome! i cant wait till i can fully understand all of what they say! i tell people that in portuguese and they laugh and say fala bom! ( you speak good!) Never before have a been so motivated to learn and study! I arise early each morning and pretty much study all day, eat, sometimes have gym where I usually speak a little with brazilians or argentines or yesterday I talked with an Elder from paruguay! we kinda talk in spanich portugues and english, its very confusing, but very fun!! But i love studying i do it all day everyday! we also do a lot of teaching, it is mainly teachers that we teach, the first time we were in a teaching setting they tricked us into thinking it was a real investigator which we thought was crazy, but we talked to her about prayer and never before have i ffelt the spirit so strong as when I testify of a truth of the gospel to an investigator! after that first time teaching I have not had the oppurtunity to again teach in english, it is all in portugues! which is awesome, this is a beautiful language that i enjoy everyday. We also have an oppurtunity one day each week to talk to local members in a teaching setting, the only speak portugues and as we did this for the first time, Elder Jensen ( my companion, the other one is Elder Garn, yes there are three of us) and I were talking to this kid about our age, and as he goes on a somewhat long explanation of how he felt about going to church on sunday, he asked us at the end if we understood, and we looked at each other, then busted up laughing because we hardly got two words out of what he was saying he was speaking so fast! He started laughing to as we said we didnt understand. however we were able to bear testimony of how if he did attend church, even if it would be a little dificult, we knew the Lord would bless his life, and he understood that and said he would come to church! even though it was not a real teaching experience, it was still really cool! It goes to show that simple but sincere testimony is a powerful tool in missionary work! The instructors here are great! we have two, Irmao costa and irmao amalho, (irmao means brother) they are both native brazilians who speak some pretty good english but speak alot of portuguese with us!!! They have not only taught us alot of portugues but they are amazing teachers of the gospel with very powerful testimonies. we went to lunch with them today, this was my first experience with food outside the ctm ( mtc in portugues) and it was true brazilian rodejio style! I ate chicken hearts to my hears content!! It was so good!!!! better than tucanoes but tucanoes is still pretty good! the food in the ctm is really good, I eat beans and rice with almost every meal and i love it! so far no digestion problems!! I also have gurana with alost every meal except breakfast. food is really really good here!!!! except salad, i tried multiple times and im not sure what was us but 8t was so powerful and sour that I just couldnt do it so i just eat fruite now! 
    I was challenged to say every prayer here in portugues, and to this day I have not said one prayer not even my personal ones in english! i even annointed for a blessing for one of the sisters in portugues!!! i had help but i said it!!! It has truly been wonderful, even though my abuility is limited in portugues the Lord still knows what mean. I think it ahs been a great blessing as i have been studying hard to learn the language i can see the Lord helping me learn it. i was placed with a district that had already been here for a week since I came with one Elder who was brazilian already spoke portuguese and three siseters. in my district there is the three ofus Elders, then 7 sisters, its kinda crazy sister missionaries are great but they are sometimes a little hard to work with.
     I went to the temple today and it was great.. the session was in english,  i really wasnted to hear it in portugues but that is ok, but this temple was really really pretty definetly one of my favorites, I love you all and even them I am crazy focused on studying right now you guys are always in my thoughs, be expectin some letter from me i put them in the mail and they said it would probably take about two weeks to get there, tahnks mom for the letter on the first day that was pretty awesome! it took 6 days to get there!!!!

im not ghomesick people sasy the first week is the harderst but its not its the best i love it here and i love learning! i d omiss and love you guys i look forward to your letters
keep the faith
love Elder Krause!

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