Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Thursday, June 21, 2012

So last week when Kyle emailed me he told me when he was going to be online and said to try and get on at the same time so we could "talk" (email back and forth).  I was super excited when it worked yesterday!!!  So needless to say, there really isn't a letter from yesterday because he used his whole time talking to me!  It was awesome and I'll share with you the highlights of our conversation...

Randi: "How are you doing?"
Kyle:  "I am doing great! I have had a busy week but a good one.  I got to take my blue sticker off which says I am no long new!!!  I got to where I could communicate pretty well with my Brazilian roommates!  I had a lot of fun with them but they left for the field this week which is exciting and sad at the same time.  They said I could come and stay with them for the copa mundial which will be awesome.  My teaching has gotten a lot better as my companions and I have started teaching more out of the Book of Mormon and centering it upon our fake investigators life.  Even though they are not real investigators I feel the spirit teaching me and helping me speak things I never knew I could say in English let alone Portuguese.  Truly if we put in the work when learning a language the Lord helps us make up the difference.  A couple people have asked me if I am Brazilian, so that is a good thing that I am blending in pretty good.  They also say for only being here for 2 weeks my language skills are pretty dang awesome!!!  So hopefully I can keep that up. I enjoy working everyday to improve my language, it is so fun and rewarding!  It's almost like learning the gospel all over again as I have started from the basics of it in Portuguese. One thing I have learned here is that with a little patience and a lot of faith, great things can happen."
Randi:  "Have you been taking your vitamins and how are you feeling?"
Kyle:  "Yes mommo, I have been taking my vitamins and I'm feeling really good.  I haven't been sick at all.  The food in the MTC is great and I eat rice and beans everyday."
Randi:  "Have you been getting letters? "
Kyle:  "Yes, it takes about 6 days to get here.  Other than you and dad I have gotten letters from Davis and Rachel.  Tell everyone that I heard that it takes 3-4 weeks for my letters to get there.  So not to think I'm not writing them back."
Randi: "What do you get to do on your P-day?"
Kyle: "I get to go to the temple.  I went this morning and got to do initiatories in Portuguese.  We get to walk around town and explore.  I do laundry, sometimes sleep and do a lot of writing. I just got back from a bakery and the grocery store.  I bought a key lime tart and some sweet snacks from the grocery store.  I also bought a pair of shorts and a soccer ball!  That was about all I needed for the long hall!"
Randi: "What is the one thing you would like to see in your first package to the mission home?"
Kyle:  "Hmmm...not a whole lot really but a Big Hunk would be awesome!!!
Randi: "What do you eat other than rice and beans?"
Kyle: "A lot of meat, different kinds of bread, lots of bananas and watermelon.  Sometimes honey dew melon and some other weird fruit that's really good.  I tried the salad but it's just crazy different and not good.  The greens are really bitter.  I can't eat it!"
Randi: "Can you open letters you get everyday or do you have to wait for P-day?"
Kyle:  "The mail comes every night after dinner.  I can read those letters when I get them but I can't write back until P-day."
Randi: "So do you have 6 weeks left in the MTC?"
Kyle: "I don't know because I got moved up to a district that was a week ahead, so I might only be here for 7 weeks instead of 8 total."
Kyle: "Alright well my time is almost up so I have to get going but this was awesome!  I love you and tell everyone that I love them too!  Tudo Bem and I'll talk to you next week!"

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