Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 11, 2012 "Chatting"

Mom: Hey handsome! How is your week going?  Did you have zone conference and did you get your packages yet?
Kyle:  I did have my zone conference but I didn't get any packages yet. I did get tons of letters though!!!  I will be going to Salvador next week for transfers so hopefully I will get them then.
Mom:  How far is it to Salvador and do you ride the bus there?  Is it expensive to take the bus?So since your companion is going home will you go to Salvador with him and then come back with a new companion?
Kyle:  It's about 3 hours to Salvador from Serrinha.  We go into Feira de Santanna, which is about half way to Salvador, for our zone conferences.  I'm not sure how transfers go but Elder Curtis thinks I will go with him then come back with someone new.  We have a meeting Monday morning in Deira to see who is getting transferred to where and what not.   Yes, we ride the bus.  It's not expensive at all.  That's how people travel here.  
Mom:  So since you only get letters every few weeks do you space out reading them or read them all at once?
Kyle:  I read them all on the bus I am so excited to get them!  But it takes me a couple pdays to write back to all of them.
Kyle:  Did I tell you about the member of the 70's that came and spoke at our stake conference? 
So we went into Feira for stake conference and it was really really cool, this was a powerful 70 that spoke, he spoke about eternal marriage, and well marriage in general and everyone even kids like teenagers liked it! He told the story of a woman who moved to australia and married a non member who was at first a good guy but then turned really really nasty. 
To the point where she was going to leave him with her kids, and she was living in a place in Australia where there was no church. She went into the city one time for a church meeting where Pres. Monson, who was then one of the 12 was speaking. They conversed and made a plan, he was going to send her all the instruction material for the primary and the priesthood, manuals and what not and she was to teach her kids in the home and leave the priesthood manuals out for him to find. Years later Pres. Monson was again in Australia and was speaking in a Priesthood session telling this story, a man raised his hand and Pres. Monson paused then let him speak and he said he was that man! Now he was a worthy Priesthood holder active in the church, then he told about the patience and love that his wife had for him. The Proclamation to the family was also something he talked about that was powerful but that story was really cool i liked it !
Mom:  Oh man, what a neat story!  I'm so happy you are so blessed to have the opportunity to hear such powerful speakers.  So in my scripture study I came across the scripture 1 Nephi 7:12. I wrote it on a sticky and put it on my bathroom mirror and I read it everyday.  Also 1 Nephi 7:17 the part that says According to my faith which is in the, wilt thou...and then I insert whatever it is that I am seeking help with. I have those side by side on my mirror to remind myself that I will be given the help I need according to my faith. You should post them on your mirror too.
Kyle: Mom you should study Lehis dream too, it's unimaginable, beautiful and perfect in teaching people! The very next chapter! I just looked up those two scriptures! Good ones. Think about this too, that how did Néfi convince Ismael to bring his family out into the wilderness, and be put with the task of getting the plates?  Also the Lord sent them back to Jerusalem for two things, pretty much the Bible, (the records) and wives. Look at how important marriage is to the Lord. I just noticed that this week and thought it was kinda cool, I study a lot of 1 néfi because lots of people read that one! 
i will indeed post those on my wall! Ha we post a lot of motivational stuff up on the wall. I'll send you pictures next week but a lot of it is in português.
Mom:  I wanted to tell you this before you tell me you have to go.  Always know that there isn't anywhere on earth I would rather you be right now than serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I know that not only are you touching the lives of others but you are being shaped into the man that our Father in Heaven wants you to be.  And the husband and father that you are supposed to be.  I know that you could not become that person without this time of service and growth.  The growth that is happening and will continue to happen to you spiritually during this 2 years will last you a lifetime.  Now do I miss you...of course.  Do I miss you like crazy...even more!!!  BUT...I am truly comforted by the spirit everyday in knowing who you are serving.  Remember the board in our house..."As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  Thank you for being such a great example to your Mason and Emily.  They love you so much.  I want to you know that I really do know that this is the only true church on the earth today and I feel so blessed to have a son that is faithfully serving to bring others into the fold.  I love you soo much you can't even begin to know!!!  Always hold your head high and serve with vigor!!!
Kyle: Thanks mom, I love you so much! It makes me feel extremely comforted to hear a powerful strong testimony like yours! I haven't hear a testimony in English in a while!. Speaking of which I bore my testimony in Sacrament this week!  
Well I love you and I gotta go.  I probably won't be on next week because tranfers are on Pday and I'll be gone to Salvador.  So I'll talk to you in 2 weeks!

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