Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 4, 2012 Random Questions...

Mom:  You mentioned that it was cold there right now.  Do you need me to send you some warm clothes?  Do you wear your suit to help you stay warm?
Kyle: hahahaha, no I do not need any warm clothes! It's just like Arizona here except more hot and less cold, my sweater is fine and no do not send me any warm clothes I will not need them come two weeks! It's just funny.  No I don't wear my suit. It's too hot usually just on sundays, its only cold in the early morning but by 8 its hot! 
Mom:  Do you think you are losing or gaining weight? 
Kyle:I think I am staying the same, I eat all the time, but then again we walk and work like crazy.  Usually medium size breakfast, then a huge lunch with members then nothing but a snack maybe till we get home. The members here are great! Most of them love the missionaries, they always feed us, we usually have someone for lunch or if not they are pretty good at giving us money. It is a ward of about 100 active members.  We have a good group right now of people to teach, and if we are not teaching we are talking to people and people here love to talk!
Mom:  what are you going to do today?
Kyle:we are going to play some soccer at the church with the young men, going to shop around at a market here, make some pancakes maybe and ya thats about it, we usually just kinda chill on pday sleep and clean.
Mom:  What's the industry in your city?  What do people do there?  Do you think your are going to stay there when transfers happen in 2 weeks?  Your companion is going home right?  Is he excited or nervous?
Kyle: The industry uh not sure, a lot of construction. Brazil is growing like crazy now! And my city this week is home to like a huge party called vaquejada, its like  rodeo but bigger, people rent their houses out and everything, I am about to experience my first real brazil party week, cause people say that the whole city goes nuts for like 4 days, but we will see E. Curtis doesn't think it will be that bad. People work out of town sometimes, lots of moto taxis, markets things like that. I think I will be staying. Usually only one missionary leaves during transfers cause its a little difficult to send two missionaries that haven't been to that area before to start off fresh.He is pretty scared haha and everytime someone asks how much time we have on the mission he just says a long time. So ya its sad, and its kinda weird for me, cause I have so much longer, but my companion is leaving idk its odd, but Im glad cause I have a lot to learn to get to E. Curtis level 
Mom: Any package requests?
Kyle:  Oreos, the ones with pink filling, peanut butter, Spitz (any flavor except dill pickle).  They don't have sunflower seeds here!  Any random snacks are good.  Big Hunks!
Mom: How are your shoes holding up with all that walking?
Kyle:The shoes are holding up great the really are awesome shoes! Walking all day on cobblestone is hard on everyones feet except brazilians they  do it in flip flops, its crazy and cool cause they really wear flip flops everywhere! Construction workers wear them, they ride motorcycles with them ah man its crazy! 
Mom:  I'm impressed that your washing your sheets! :)
Kyle:hahaha thanks! I wash them pretty frequently and I clean pretty good every pday, during the week it gets a little messy but I do indeed clean a lot more than I used too! Last time I washed my sheets  in the morning then when we got back that night they were still in the washer so I had to iron them to get them somewhat dry then I slept with somewhat damp sheets, so i learned my lesson to make sure I wash my sheets on pday!

Ok well I got to go but I love you guys and hope that everyone has a good week! Look at the plan of slavation and really think about it cause when you do it makes a lot of sense, and as with everything it demonstrates the love that Our Loving Heavenly Father has for us. 

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