Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Well I'm getting transferred to Jauziero!  It's about 9 hours away but it's a nice place from what I hear.  It's on the very northern part of Bahia right by a river and I will be in a branch , which is what I like!  It's really hot there and they grow really good fruit!  I'm excited for that!  I said goodbye to a bunch of people yesterday but I gotta go today and say goodbye to a few more.  I will miss it here but am excited to be going to a new place!  I will still be a district leader so that will be good too!  And I better start practicing the piano because they said that no one out there plays!
    A cool thing that happened this week is that this family that we reactivated invited us over for dinner and they were super happy and thanked us for the work we did, so that was good!  And we had some good family nights with people this week too!
    So I have a bunch of pictures this week to send you!
So this lady is awesome!!!  She made us lunch and we went and helped her make it!  It's called acaraje. It's like a sandwich of shrimp, some paste stuff, and tomatoes and it's super good!  Here we are peeling the shrimp!
Here I am cutting the tomatoes.
Making the bread. The dough is made from beans and it's really good! They are like the hamburger of Bahia!
Then you fry the bread in this oil made from coconuts!

Here I am digging in!!!
This is what happens after you eat 7 of the sandwiches!!!  They are so good that you eat just 1 more even though you are full! They sell them on the street but they are too expensive so we never can get them.  So while we could we ate all that would fit in our stomachs!
This is our little buddy that lives there and she ate 4 of them!!!
My comp ate 5!
These are the boxes that Dana and Hailey sent me!  Lots of good stuff!
Thank you!!!
This is my good buddy that we reactivated.  I love this guy!  And he speaks some english so that's fun!
This is a great lady that we also reactivated.  She loves me!  haha everyone does! :)
Here's another lady we reactivated and baptized her daughter.  The other one is getting baptized soon too!  
Another cool family here!  It's hard to be saying goodbye to everyone!

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