Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 6, 2013

     So this was a great week!  I used an idea from the book that the Hoopii's had given me.  We are helping really sweet old lady to stop smoking.  So I made her scripture cigarettes and put them in an empty smoke carton of hers.  I wrote a bunch of scriptures on pieces of paper and rolled them up like cigarettes!  When we gave them to her she laughed at first but then she opened one up and read it.  She's kinda shy but she does this thing where she gets quiet when she's really thinking and she did that. Then she said the really didn't want to smoke anymore and was so grateful for our help.  I'm so happy for her.
    So this morning we went to a waterfall with a couple that we are teaching that will get married and baptized soon!  She bore her testimony on my Birthday, the first day she went to church! And talked about how she knew that the Book of Mormon was true.  Then this last testimony meeting she got up and bore her testimony again and said that she wanted to get married for eternity and that "we" know that the church was true.  Her fiance was sitting in the front row and after she said "we believe" she looked down at her husband and said, "I can say that for you right?"  I was just super happy and laughing because her fiance is really cool but really shy too.  So I'm not sure what he was thinking about her talking to him in front of everyone like that but it was cool and it was all good.  They are a great couple and fed us lunch this week too!
   Another thing that's funny...I finally got some mail today!!!  I got lots of letters and 2 packages.  One from my mom and one from Hailey!  Moms was great with the CTR rings,  Liahona's in portuguese and some other stuff I needed like deoderent!!!  And Hailey's package was awesome and filled with healthy food for me!  Then Elder Morris opens his 2 packages and they are stuffed with soooo much junk food!  It was pretty funny and we decided to split up our stuff with each other so he could have some good stuff and I could have some junk! haha

 Sign from the waterfall
 This is the couple we are teaching. I really love them!
 Me in front of the waterfall.  I thought when they asked us to go it was going to be some little waterfall but it was actually quite big and really cool!
 And we had a picnic while we were there.
What a great day!
Oh and I bought myself this jersey for my birthday!!!  Pretty sweet right?!

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