Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14, 2014

This week was great...we had 16 people at church.  I broke my record from before!!!  We were so excited to have so many people there.  Elder Panah and I are doing some really good work together.  Oh and they are putting out those big Easter eggs that I loved last year so I guess you were right...Easter is still coming up! hahaha
Well, my shoes are barely hanging on and all of my shirts are yellow.  I bought a new one to come home in though and I'll be leaving the rest here.  And I'll probably leave all of my slacks here too.  There are 2 young men that we had baptized that are getting ready to go on missions so I'm going to give them a bunch of my stuff.  
Today we are going to clean our place, play some chess, eat some food and make some lime and carrot juice.  I'll make it for you guys when I get home.  It's sooooooo good!  I'm a juice man now! hahaha 
 This is the carrot cake that my comp made for me on my birthday.  It was so delicious!!!
 Happy Birthday to me!
 This is from when we went and had lunch with Elder Whitney and his companion.  It was so fun and such a fun day!
This is my yummy lunch!

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