Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Friday, July 13, 2012

July 11, 2012 Chat with Kyle

Kyle:  I'm doing really good, Portuguese is kinda leveling off but always improving.  I'm doing tons of good study in the scriptures and mastering some doctrines.  Also, I have really begun to understand what to do when we are commanded to teach by the spirit.  Something crazy is that Elder Jensen and I are singing in sacrament meeting this Sunday...acapella and just me and him!!!  We are singing "I like to look for rainbows" in Portuguese!  Elder Jensen is teaching me how to sing cause it's kinda a joke in the mtc because for a couple weeks people that sang were just over the top and everyone would bust out laughing when they were singing after firesides.  But this is a smaller crowd and sacrament meeting so not that big, but I think I will be able to do alright.
Mom:  That's awesome!  Emily spoke in sacrament meeting this past Sunday about Obedience.  I think she sent a copy of her talk to you!
Kyle:  Whoa nice job Emily!  I look forward to reading it!  Can you tell McKann one of my good friends here is Elder Jacob and that Elder Spencer Chmutz arrived today!  Also I want to share a quote with everyone.

"We accept the test of hatred through which we have passed as God's test of our sincerity in seeking."
This was a quote of a protestant minister convert who Pres. N Eldon Tanner spoke about in General Conference in 1971.  I thought it was really cool so ya I thought I would share that with everyone.

Mom:  Have you still been getting lots of letters?
Kyle:  Yes, a friend from my FHE group wrote to me out of the blue so that was pretty cool!  I haven't gotten mail for a couple days because weekends and Monday was a holiday and Tuesday they were so backed up it didn't come.  Tell anyone that writes me that I will write them back.  I seriously love getting letters!  I get more letters than the sisters!
Mom:  Hey, I notice on your debit card that on every P-Day you go to a cookie shop.  Are they super good or something?
Kyle:  Ha ha! It's this place right across the street from the MTC that I usually write my letters at so while I'm there I buy a cookie and sit and write!   I can also mail letters there, they kinda help the Elders a lot.  It's pretty sweet and it's kinda the Elder hang out place!  They have some really good food there too.  I seriously love rice and beans now! So good!
Mom:  That sounds like my kind of place.  I can't think of a happier place to write letters than in a bakery while eating a fresh baked cookie!
Kyle:  Thanks for keeping my debit card stocked! :)  I really shouldn't need much else except some more starch!  I like to look neat now!
I really love you guys like crazy!!!  Sorry I was such a pill in high school sometimes, but I am really grateful you guys stuck it out with me cause I love being here and it's really amazing.  And the reason I have so much enthusiasm for the work is because the happiness you guys gave me! Probably have people write me here at the MTC for 2 more weeks and then start sending my letters to the mission home.  If they keep writing me after that it will take a while for the MTC to forward them on.  I love you all!

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