Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 17th Chat with Kyle

Kyle: My week is going good.  I'm smoothing out in Portuguese and I sound a little bit better now when I talk.  I sang in SACRAMENT  MEETING!  And it was awesome!  I thought it actually sounded decent and people said it sounded good!!!
Mom:  Dang that's great!  I could NEVER do that! Were you super nervous?
Kyle:  Not really, we practiced a lot.  And luckily our branch only has about 30 missionaries!  I was pretty excited cause I figured I need to be musical as a missionary so I might as well just do it!
Mom:  Remember last week when you said you hadn't gotten mail for a few day?  Did you finally get some?
Kyle:  Yes, on Wednesday I got 5 letters it was so awesome!  Then the next night I got 6 letters!  It made my night.  I have gotten some great letters from people!  Make sure if you talk to people to tell them thanks for writing to me!  Also, I got all the pictures that you sent!  I love them.  It's so fun showing everyone all of my family and friends!
Mom:  Did you get your cookie today?
Kyle:  I did, I got a cookie with ice cream on top!  The ice cream here is kind of a rare thing, but it's really good.
Mom:  What else exciting happened this week?
Kyle:  Nothing really too exciting went on this week.  It rained like crazy and one of my Brazilian roommates left a sweater behind and I was cold so I started wearing it and it looks good!  I kinda wish I would have brought mine but it's ok cause I hear one thing from everyone from the north "muito quente" (very hot).  I want to share a quote with you...
"I am persuaded of one great truth, whenever the Lord has a great blessing for one of his children he puts the son or daughter in the way to make a great sacrifice."  Harold B Lee.  
When we are given the chance to sacrifice for the gospel, take that opportunity head on because the Lord will bless you and you will grow that much stronger in your faith and trust in God.
One cool thing is that I get to go prostiliting next week.  
Mom:  Well, I'm sure you time is almost up. Have a great week and remember every minute of every day how much we love you!  You are an amazing spirit!
Kyle:  Ah thanks Mom!  One more funny thing, liquid starch is retarded!  I bought the spray stuff today and it's much better!  Oh and tell Kali to write me back and ask her what Preston thought of his letter!  I love you all!!!  Com Abraco, Elder Krause

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