Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sorry I'm behind in the updating...trying to get caught up!  So I was able to "talk" to Kyle again this past Wednesday so I'll share some of the stuff from that conversation...

Mom:  Hey buddy, how are you doing this week?
Kyle:  I am doing great!  I made it one whole day of almost only Portuguese.  I am feeling so good.  I go running everyday and can do 40 pushups without breaking a sweat!  Spiritually I'm on fire!  The sisters are getting better.  My patience is improving as well as my portuguese!  One sad thing is that Elder Garn went home this week.  He just didn't have a testimony nor believe in this work and didn't want to be here so he went home.  Pretty much the day he got here he said he wanted to go home but the mission president told him to give it one week and he still wanted to go home.
Mom:  Kali was wondering if you got her letter?
Kyle:  Yes!  Tell her she should be getting one from me soon and also tell McKann that one is on the way to her.  I can't send them priority because it's too expensive, so it's takes a while to get them back to the US.
Mom:  We have had all of the family here for a week.  We play, eat and swim all day and all night!!!
Kyle:  Sounds like you guys are having a party!  Tell Kasey and Lindsay that I got their letters too and will write them back.  Also, I got all the letters from the little cousins.  Give all of those guys a big hug for me!
Mom: What else are you doing for P day today?
Kyle:  I went and bought shoe polish, some snacks, stamps and wrote lots of letters.  I also went to the temple again which is really cool.
Mom:  With Elder Garn gone and it's just you and Elder Jensen, how are you two getting along?
Kyle:  We get along great and we speak tons of portuguese together.  I love this elder and we have lots of fun together.  He sings a lot.  We sit by the windows to do our studying because of the effects of eating so many beans!  We are not going to the same mission though.  He is going to Maceo, the mission right above mine.
Kyle: Well my time is up and I have to get going.   I love you all and keep the letters coming, they are awesome!!!
Com Abraco
Elder Krause

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  1. I got Kyle's letter a week or two ago, and it was great! I've started writing him back but I just have to finish it. I'll be sending it off this week, hopefully!

    I also sent you a message through Kyle's Facebook inbox. Did you get it? It was a picture that my friend, who is also currently in the CTM, sent back. It was a panoramic picture of all the missionaries there and I am pretty sure Kyle is in it, but I couldn't quite tell! Let me know if you want me to email it to you.
    My email is
    Hope you're all doing well!