Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14, 2012 ~ Week 1 ~ In the field

Hey mom!!!! Dad!!! Emily and mason!!!!

    Ok so first week in the field done!!! It already feels like I have been here forever it is so easy to get lost in the work. I love it the people here are great especially the members! Currently I am serving in a city called Serrinha it is about 2 hours by bus outside of Salvador and me and my new comp Elder Curtis are the only missionaries from this town, so we have a lot of work to do. We got here at about one in the morning last Tuesday and a member came and picked us up. Those particular members have been a great help in teaching an giving rides! Not many people have cars here and we walk a lot! Which is good, I don't mind it but we can get lot more done when we get a ride. They also always feed us when we pass by. We are currently teaching three family's, two kids and trying to teach the mom she is really nice and likes us but is always working so we will see with her.

      I can speak portuguese well, well more or less, its coming, my problem is understanding,  but I am getting better with each day. No one speaks a lick of English here! It is coming along very well though. The food for the most part has been really good. The members feed us well, but with all the walking we do it seems like I eat so much more now. Food is good, nothing too crazy yet. I will share when I get a funny story. 
    So my comp, this is his last transfer so he will be going home in a few weeks! Crazy he is a beast and speaks and understands portuguese very well. 
     Mom hahahha I knew you would be worried but I couldn't really get to a computer, but I am fine! I hope you got my email last Tuesday, I sent that real quick from presidents house. And yes I did get a good laugh out of the story cause I can see it happening. Don't worry so far I am feeing great my flu was pretty lame, but didn't keep me down for long, no they didnt say anything, but Sis Degn the wife of the CTM PRes, and ELder Adams the doc at the ctm came and visited me when I was sick which was really nice. 
     Health wise, I can't believe I never went to bed on time before cause I love it now! I can pop up and get so much done! Safety wise, this town is very chill. The dogs are a little scary at night but they do not bother us much. Elder Curtis has never gotten robbed and so ya not too worried about it but we are definetly very careful and follow the guidance of the spirit as best as we can. Next Pday (Tuesday) I will be on at the same time about 12:30 my time here in Serrinha Bahia so we can email. Try and get Tylers mail address, I'm unsure about if we can email other missionarys, my mission president said to only email family, I didn't have a chance to ask him about other missionarys. 
     Keep the letters coming! I only get them about once a month though because they all go to the mission house, then to us. I don't even really know my own address here in town, it is on a dirt road, and  just a small little house . We live right next to a doctor though and his house is like the nicest house in town pretty cool. Most houses here a quite humble and the people even more humble, very nice and many are prepared to hear the gospel.
       Something really good here is the juice members really make it fresh right in front of us and it is soooooooo good!!! Maracuja is one that is in season and I don't think we have it in the US but we have it here all the time and is is great. The key board I am typing on really is horrible so that is why there are a lot of errors.  Funny story one lunch this week we had lasagna it was soooo good, people here love it! They eat spaghetti here almost everyday not as the main dish but as kinda a supplement. But this lady also poured us some orange soda, and dad this makes me think of you cause as she filled up mine I saw 5 little black dots, and sure enough there were ants in my orange drink! Wanting to be polite though I just drank it and didn't drink the ants. SKILLS!!! Anyways I hope everyone is doing well I love you all and I'll talk to you next pday!
Oh and could you also send me Davis's mission address? Thanks mom!
I love you guys
com abraço Élder Kraüse

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