Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 22, 2012

 Hey everyone,
     I had my first zone conferenfce yesterday and it was phenominal, we had to travel into feita and met up with probably 40 other missionaries, Pres and Sis Hart were there and they gave us tons of good training and motivation, to baptize!!!! ALso sis hart gave a great talk on Lehi´s dream, which was really cool because we had talked to a woman we are teaching about that the day before. This week is week three in the transfer and is a critical week, so me and Elder Curtis decided to become crazy people this week "dâ um jeitem" find a way cause we are going to baptize someone soon and we are going to fill our little chapel to the brim with people this Sunday! So the work is going well we are working very hard, contacting lots of people everyday. I would like to share an experience that was really cool. First everyone needs to go read the 20 marc note talk by Elder Bednar. I was thinking of the talk monday night as we were walking home, and we told each other we needed to meet our goal for contacts that day. It was about 8:30pm, not the best time for contacts, but we had to do it! So we are walking down the street trying to fill our goal, be good little Elders, and I see a man walking down the street, and I said lets go talk to this guy, kinda thinking to myself that it would be a forced contact, we would invite him to church and he would walk away, but thats a contact and everyone deserves an invite, I was only trying to do what I had been told, talk to everyone! So I walk up to him, and I just came to say we were lost, and we asked a little about this street, ( we actually had a pretty good idea where we were but we were in an area we had not really worked in) and it flowed right into asking about the church (cause it was on that same street but way across town) then we asked him if he had heard of it, and he said yes and that he actually had a copy of the Book of MOrmon (which was good cause we didnt have one we were out of Books!) so we got excited and asked him about it and he said that he wasn't super religous but was very curious and that was why he started reading it, but had stopped just cause things had come up. This is what is called a loito, not really sure why we give them that name, but it means a golden person for the GOspel!!! If people have a open mind, like to read, and already have a Book Of MOrmon, they will find the Church to be True very quickly, in general. We are going to visit him soon this week, but I would like to quote and relate to Elder Bednar in this situation, in the moment, did I know what I was doing? kinda I was just trying to make a contact, fulfill a goal, (Behind every number is a person dont think I am totally heartless just focusing on numbers cause I am not!) but after a long day, I was just trying to talk to a guy, had no idea what I was going to say, just trying to be good. Looking back was it a spiritual prompting to talk to him YES! did I know that then NO! So like Elder Bednar says (read the talk!) dont worry about grand manifestations, or if you are feeling guided by the spirit or yourself, be a good boy, be a good girl, keep your covenants, and you will indeed be guided by the Spirit, thats the beauty of the Spirit, he is there and we dont even know it! Also my companion was a crazy man that night, I have never heard anyone teach Lehis dream like he did. Deus não creu pessaos  fracos e forças, não fies isso, há pessoas que segura o barro de ferro, e pessoas que não segura o barro de ferro! it sounds better in português so you guys can translate that, but its true, and life is easy when we read the Book of MOrmon, doesnt mean trials wont come, but the book of MOrmon is the power to overcome! 
            Ok cool stories now we get rain storms here everyday that are usually 20 minutes long then stop, but they happen every day about three times a day, so its pretty cool we have had overcast days mostly this week! It had been sooo nice!!!! 
     Also thanks to Amanda and roommates, I got you letter at zone conference and it was awesome!!! Also MOm, Dad, and Erin you guys are awesome too cause I got all you letters. Also Joe, Marites, Connor, Leilani, Austin, and Nika thanks for the card! I had so much mail it was aweseome!!! Letters are coming but just know, it will be a little while, but thanks so much it was really cool to get tons of mail yesterday!!! Emily and Mason, when I am getting letters from Erin and not you what is going on? Ha just teasing but that was kinda funny. 
     well thats about it here in good ole Serrinha Bahia, send me an update of what all is going on there! Shout out to Davis for going to the MTC THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dallas, TX watchout here comes Elder ..................... Pearson!!!!!! Ah I cant wait to hear about that!!! Tear it up man!!! 
     oh ya the lan house that we are at this week does not have a card reader so next week I will send pictures with my emails I'll have some good ones. As far as packages go, if you guys want to send me one that would be awesome!!!!! Things that would be cool but I will really love anything! Cake mixes the ones here are not good plain, yes I did indeed try it, chocolate, any kinda of candy! oreos, the ice cream kind or cotton candy kinds I can't really remember which but the pink ones, you know that were soooo good! And ya idk you guys send good stuff but thats just a few things, 
     Guys I really cant tell you how much I Love you, read the Book of Mormon, everyday and it will make all the difference, the killer thing  with investigators is they say they want happiness in life, and the source of the greatest happiness we could ever imagine is right in our hands!!!!! and some people dont read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so read it love it! I love you all! 
com amor e abraços 
Elder Krause 

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