Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Monday, August 20, 2012

Second half of Kyle's email from last week...

     Well i have a little more times it turns out , Pres Hart is pretty lax with how much time we go to email. 
     We were going to have a soccer game with the young men today at the church but it has been raining all day so I think we are going to cancel. The kids love to play soccer here, before I left são paulo I bought a ball and a pump, they were kinda spendy I am thinking in reis now! LOL  But that pump has been a great thing, cause no one here has one and balls always need pumped up, so I pump  up a ball for some kids, then juggle really quick and they love it ah its pretty cool!. People play alot here there are fields all over the place! lots of people do judo too, its either soccer or judo. 
     Believe it or not it has been a little cold in the morning here, its is about like AZ in the winter, and it is winter here. 
Mom you would go a little nuts there are a lot of flies here! But I keep our house pretty dang clean so we dont really have them too bad there.

      I have to be pretty frugal, I get 125 reis every two weeks, they have about the same value of the dollar here, but in the world dollars are way more valuable but that doesn't really matter cause I'm in the middle of Brasil!  People are incredibly relaxed here. A lot of time we end up talking to people on the street just sitting there watching people walk by. Lots of people in no hurry at all just enjoying life. It is really nice here I love being a missionary, especially after some days where we have  taught a bunch of lessons with some good people then ah I get so excited! We are indeed working really hard! I get back the the house each night pretty beat, but thats good. 
    Elder Curtis is great! He is from Oregon and actually went to BYU for a year too and lived in Heritage. It is kinda wierd to think that he will be going home and I am just starting! Ah but its good, there are so many cool places here, my area is one ward in I think 3 or 4 stakes in Bahia. Idk I can't remember but I have some cool places that i will be working in!       
        Serrihna is awesome we have a small chapel here, a bit older, but it is indeed a ward. There is also another member, the first conselor in the bishopric that is outstanding here helps us a lot and is always so excited to see us. The members here really just blow me away so amazing!  We have lunch at members houses. That is the big meal of the day, so big that there is a very in portugues for eating lunch. Then for dinner we sometimes get something quick from a member or eat a little something when we get home. I cook eggs, rice, and oatmeal.  I think I am going to branch out but for this first week I just wanted something easy. I make rice patties pretty often and rice with milk cinnamon and sugar. Also mom remember that time for ilke a year we lived on powdered milk? And I didn't like it? Well I am learning to like it because that is pretty much all we have here for milk, except i think a member one time gave us milk from his cow. I'm not really sure he talked so fast I couldn't understand him but he acted it out and I got it was from a cow, so ya he poured in some nescao (nesquik stuff) and we drank it! it was not bad but definetly different from our milk back home. 

      Pops theres not much for dentist down here and peole have some jacked up teeth!! Not too bad, only some peope have it really bad. I have only seen one dentist office in the whole town! Also construction here is nuts! People in this certian bairro (neighborhood) have pretty uniform houses, all built by the government, but people build walls to surround their houses usually from bricks, ( they also build some houses that are like 3 stories high with these bad boys) then they have like a big metal gate. One door we called on the guy opened his gate and in his front yard which was 40 sq feet maybe he had a massive hole!! He was putting in a water reserve! It was kinda funny, but ya peeple have some pretty crazy houses. I'll have to send some pictures, and also our neighbors the doctor. Its a little ridiculus 2 story mansion with a pool, and electric fence!  In the midst of a lot of houses that are really about 300 sq feet. People are really happy here. One lady here we are teaching she lives with her daughter and son in law who are members, she gave us pineapple upside down cake that was phenominal. I am not sure if you rmember but I tried pineapple upside down cake once and didn't like it but I do now!!!!!! ok well I love you guys if you have any other questins ask away! and Ill tty next week at 1230!
Elder Krause

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