Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I finally arrived in the field!!!

I finally arrived in Salvador today!!!!!!! We got up at 4 this morning and caught a plane to Slavador, and President and Sister Hart were there to meet us when we landed. Salvador is kinda how I imagined it and not at all what I imagined at the same time! lots of trees, lots of green jungle. It also is very wet it was raining as we landed. To my great dissapointment I found out that they do not use tons of pepper, here only really at the presidents house. We had a great lunch that was made by some native baihians, and all the other brasilians that it was really spicy, but it was just a little bit, shout out to Mckann, you would like the food here not spicy at all. But I will get over that! I already love being here, President and Sister Hart are very nice and loving, I am excited to work with them. I will be trained here at the Presidents house for the day then I will get assigned a companion either tonight or tomorrow. My language has skyrocketed, I can pretty much understand everything north americans that are fluent say, and most of what brasilians say as long as it is about the gospel. Speaking is coming, some of the people I travleled with said my accent was imporving. These guys also love to learn english, so it seems like I am always teaching a little phrase here or there in English. It really helps me realized what I know in ENglish and understand what I am saying when I say it in Portugues. I Love everyone and hope everyone is doing well. I will say as scary as it may seem the first day in the feild, I will describe it as like a first street contact, everyone is freaking out and scared inside of walking up to strangers and talking to them about that gospel, but we are here to walk by faith not sight (corinthians something) as Paul said, so you just have to do it, then after that, street contacts become amazing! so much fun! I think the field will be a little like this, first day yes, I am a little nervous, but there is really only one thing to do, keep working hard, listening intently, and enjoying the work of the Lord.
Com Abra├žo
Elder Krause

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