Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 28, 2012

Hello Everyone,

     It was a good week that flew by we lost one day because of the zone conference and it was gone like that! But we got a lot of work done and we got some good investigators to church and people are progressing so that is very exciting! I dont have too many interesting things from this week, one is that we are going to try and start learning capuera, eesh im not sure how to spell it but it is a martial art here that originated in bahia and we have some investigators that do it so we are going to watch tonight and will maybe take a short lesson when we have time, but thats doubtful, we never have tons of time. But thats a good thing! Something that was really funny we were walking to our next appointment and is started to rain, and there was one lady on the street walking towards us, and I wanted to talk to her, so I asked Elder CUrtis if spring or fall was coming next, down here spring is coming because we are in winter right now. So I stopped her and asked her when spring started and so we talked about the weather for a bit, then we talked about the church and she had some qestions so we answered them and invited her to church and that was it! Afterwards Elder Curtis says to me what would you do if someone stopped you on the street and asked you when spring started and I started busting up it just seemed like a good question at the time, but ya, it was good and the lady was very nice! I also can now say I really am a Krause, I was hungry one night and didnt really know what to eat, we didnt really have any snacks but the sisters had left a little bit of un popped popcorn, so I popped it and I have been eating popcorn ever since, I eat it all the time now, so mason and emily you guys can be proud I finally have developed a taste for popcorn! And the half popped ones really are the best! Something kinda funny at the zone conference President talked a little about the upcoming election which I had kinda forgotten about, but he said there are two people running, Mitt Romney and Obama.  He talked a little about how we can vote absentee, then he said I am not going to tell you who to vote for, but I will say one of them was a stake president, and it wasnt Obama! It made me chuckle.
      Well read the Book of Mormon, I studied the story of Nephi cutting off Labans head and I know that everyone knows that story but read it again and put yourself in Nephi's shoes, ask the question how would I know what to do and how would I follow the guidance of the spírit, the story will come to life!!! I love you all and I hope everyone has a good week! 
This is me and my second companion Elder Probst from Rio grande do sul brazil
 My Brazilian District at the MTC
   This is how I study!!!
 This is my and Elder Curtis my comp now and also trainer on top of the serrihna, that means little hill in portugues, and the city is named Serrihna because of the little hill by it you can kinda see the city in the back ground it was a foggy day.
 This is me Elder Jensen, Sis Stewart and Waite (left) and Sis Johnson is behind me, we were in the CTM pointing at our missions, roughly. 
This is me cooking! It is indeed cold in the morning and no I dont have any warm clothes except that sweater I found at the mtc!

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