Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Sunday, August 5, 2012

     So Elder Jensen and the other missionaries of that district left this past Tuesday!  Originally it had been decided that since the sisters I were with were a little scared to be with a Brazilian district that we would stick together and have a class of our own, me being a lone elder. But Monday night they told me that I was being transferred to a Brasilian district this week and would be with Elder Probst a Brasilian from Rio Grande do sul!! So my p day was switched to today! I have been speaking and hearing pretty much everything in portugues because no one in my new class speaks, English!!! so that has been really great I can understand it now like crazy and and getting better and better at speaking! For the most part I can understand all of what goes on in class, at times when more the one -person starts talking I get lost, but thats ok! We taught our first lesson together (me and elder Probst) and I thought it might be a little one sided, but I was able to keep up and actually contribute to the lesson, in what I think was somewhat correct Portugues!  Its is a little different when everyone around speaks smoothly and I'm choppy. But its is great I love it.l 
       I also went to the Temple today and that was all in Portugues because I was with brasilians!. Definetly have people start sending stuff to the mission home now because I will be there in 5 days!!! I am kinda freaking out but not really! I am the Elder that has been here the longest by far!!!  It will be 2 moths in 5 days so I am ready to get to work!!! I am totally over the sickness I had last pday so that is really good, I was really just mia for last pdayand miserable the next day but was able to keep studying and working! I also got my water bottle last night so that was kinda cool! We get a pretty nice water bottle that can filter pretty much the dirtiest water on earth and make it potable! So we get those for the field and Igot mine last night!!! 
       I have been getting all the letters and thanks to everyone who wrote them!!! Remember the mail is slow but I am in the procces of responding. I will attest the gospel is true in Portugues as it is in English! At first when I started here I could feel the spriti just a little bit because I couldnt really understand what was going on, but now that I can understand it I can feel the spirit just as strong! And this taught me that with understanding come an increased feel in the spirit, so if there is a concept of the gospel that you think is just ok, STUDY it because when you really attain an understanding of the concept it becomes so much more than just something that you hadn't really heard alot about before. I can attest that I didn't think the commandments were that cool, but they are amazing!!!! Really some of the coolest things can be found in learing about the commmandments and  keeping them, the blessing are unbelievable!!!
      I am not sure if people know this or if I said it before but the President of the ctm PRes. Degn was a concert pianist! He plays the Brasilian nathional anthem every sunday night and it is really cool!! But this past Sunday we had a devotional about Joseph Smith! And it was really cool but the cool part was the ending. Sis. degn spoke and then said that Pres. Degns part was to play a medley piece in honor of Joseph Smith, and he played one of the most amazing medley of Praise to the man, First Prayer and some other songs that I have ever heard!!!! it was so cool!!!!
  Well mom, Dad, Mason Emily I love you guys! I am not sure how things will be in the field but I'll let you know when I can, but for the next few weeks it may just be a few email until i get settled in! I'll keep writing a letter every pday. Sounds like from the letters I am getting you guys are doing really good !!!
    Also one other cool story, so we went prosyliting in down town Sao Paolu and it was really cool! We didn't talk to a ton of people  cause most people turned us down, l but we got some good contacts made. My favorite one though was on the bus. The sisters began talking to a boy sitting in the back but their portugues is still in its infancy so they had me talk with him, and he was really cool. He was 16 and on his way to work! He works in the area where the mtc is. He had never talked with lds missionaries before but he had seen them. They are all over around the mtc. so I talked with him for a good 15 minutes about lots of things then I started in about the Book of Mormon, bore a short testimony then I had to get off the bus, but he seemed really excited about the book I gave him! I  hope he reads it! That is the one thing about making contacts here I dont like is that we can't really follow up. But he has the power in his hands now.
   |Welll i love everyone keep the faith!!!
Com Abraco
Elder Krause

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