Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Monday, September 16, 2013

August 19, 2013

Hello!  I had a really good week this week! Lots of hard work, meeting new people and teaching LOTS!  One cool thing is that we get to take the bus now cause we're in such a big city.  Not near as much walking now! The bus is super crowed like in Paris but its really dirty! We had lunch at a less actives house this week and she had NCIS on.  Usually TV here is in English and they use subtitles to watch and understand, so I saw like 5 minutes of it and it brought back good memories of when we would watch all your favorite cop shows! It was kinda cool cause I told her my mom loves those shows and she loves those shows too!  
   So this week i figured out how to work in the city, I should tell you mom don't worry about me, I am perfectly safe, however this area is just a little bit crazy. We are finally getting in the groove of things here. My companion is a great guy but his skills are still developing, so I do a lot of the work. This ward is needing some serious help, we have about 50-60 people coming every week which is just a little more than our little branch of Luis Eduardo Magalhães. So ya we have room for improvement. Our recent convert is awesome! He has reactivated his friend who was baptized years ago and has been inactive for a long time, and we are working with his family right now, and he has invited his neighbor to hear the discussions as well which is awesome. We found our baptism for this transfer, we found Paoula knocking doors this week. We taught her the first lesson and it was alright, nothing super special. When we came back to follow up a few days later, she had read and told us about how she had prayed about it, even though she didn't understnad eveyrthing, and she described how that day she was feeling really bad, kinda depressed with life. She is a single mother of 3 children whose blind mother lives with her. She said she felt totally relieved and safe that night, and as she woke up in the middle of the night she looked at the Book of Mormon, and felt that it was true!!! We are teacher her and her sister in law who lives next to her. And they both are great, except that the sister in law is not married so we have to get that taken care of but she is really excited too!!! New people is what this ward is needing!!! We also found a really great inactive family. We were knocking doors in another area and we found this family. The mom and children are members but the father is not, I am not sure if they are married or not. However this lady has not been going to church, only becuase no one has visited her. We went there and she said she was excited about the going to church now, and she has 4 little kids that are super funny!!!! And they love us!!! remember that cheek flapping thing that dad used to do for us, where he would grab his cheek and move them back and forth really fast? I did that for they and they all died hysterically laughing!!! 
   So my companion is pretty serious and pretty quiet so I mess with him quite a bit!  Like last week we went to the mall because he wanted to buy some new white shirts and as we were standing in line I asked him if he knew what the Bernie was (that retarded looking dance) and he said, "no" so I started doing it and he turned so red and said, "Elder, stop that!"  I then started laughing so hard and we were next in line and the checker lady ringing him up saw me laughing so hard I was turning red and couldn't breath!  Then she started laughing super hard as well.  All the while my companion was super embarrassed!  But I think he's enjoying being my companion! haha
     The members are excellent here at feeding us!  We have some that live right below us and they always give us food!  I probably won't eat any rice and beans for a while after I get home!
  You wanna know something know how Grandma always teases Grandpa that he is bald because he washed his hair with a bar of soap?   Well I started washing mine with a bar of soap too because I ran out of shampoo.  And yes, I am going bald! hahaha

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