Kyle with his buddies!

Kyle with his buddies!
I made these cookies for family home evening with this family! They were a big hit

Monday, September 16, 2013

July 29, 2013

Here's some more pictures from that holiday I was telling you about last week.  It was so funny!
Me just being funny!
This is me with Maora, Joales is behind me and that is one of their kids in front of us!

Well this week was busy!  We helped that lady Mari, that I baptized a couple weeks ago, move the other day.  She just moved close by in the city and had quite a bit of stuff (but nothing like our moves)  We moved all of their stuff in 3 hours and in one medium uhaul.  So I was like pfff that's easy!  I realized that we have a lot of stuff when we move! :)  Anyway, I think her husband was pretty impressed that we came and helped! 
     We started teaching Mere's mother and she was super excited about that. and we started teaching the cousin of Maora, who is also great. The only thing that is stopping Maora from being baptized is marriage, her husband is super cool but he is going a little slower than her. We were teaching her cousin with her and she shared something she wrote in her journal and it was her powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and the plan of salvation and I could hardly believe it!!!! ah, also we taught the mother of Mere and she was beaming the entire lesson and bore an awesome testimony as well of the church and the book of Mormon. Its great to see the people you teach wanting to share the gospel with others and bringing them to church, awe man this is how missionary work should be and its so great to be getting this point finally.       
We set out with a branch list of people, and we went to visit all of the inactives. And there were a few of them that were soooooo far away but we found them and they seem to be pretty good people, just have difficulty getting to church, so we will have to get them excited and build their faith a little bit. It seems like we did lots and lots of walking this week. Also the box with the scriptures that I had ordered arrived, so I wrote letters to people and last night we had a family night, and I gave one thing of scriptures and an illustrated Book of Mormon to Sidinei and Mere, and the other to Maora and Joales. They both were super excited and loved it. Ah it was sooooo cool. We had a great family night, everyone bore super strong testimonies and ah it was just incredible. Something else kinda crazy is the story of Jessica. This young girl that we baptized about 3 months ago. She was dating this kid in the branch, but they broke up soon after she was baptized. Then his older brother who lives in São paulo came home to visit and now they are dating and she is going to drive back with his family so São Paoulo this weekend and they are going to go to the temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Which is super super great, she has been wanting to go to the temple for a long time!!! And she will only be able to do baptisms but it will still be really cool!! It's funny that she is dating his brother now but they seem really happy!
   Well I had a phone interview with President Hart this week and he told me I was going to transferred next week.  I am going to cry when I leave this area.  I love these people so much and have been here for so long.  But I know there are people other places waiting for me to teach them so I'm excited for that! I will have to catch a bus and ride through the night because transfers happen on Tuesday.  
Love you! Talk to you next week!

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